Sunday, April 4, 2010

High Contrast Scrabble in Need of a Good Home

Posted by Deadpan Alley
When my dad retired from his job, one of the gifts he received from coworkers was a high contrast Scrabble set, designed for people who have vision problems. He was a diabetic, and retinopathy made it difficult for him to see much of anything, much less play Scrabble on a regular board.

Sadly, my dad's health deteriorated rapidly after he retired, and he never got the chance to use the gift set before he died. Recently, my mother passed the set along to me, knowing that Scrabble had always been a very special pastime for my dad and me. So, rather than let this specialty set collect dust in storage, I'd love to know that it's being used and enjoyed. Do you know of any Scrabble players who could use it? If I don't get any takers, I'll probably donate it to a senior center.