Sunday, May 3, 2009

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - final results

Posted by Brad Mills
Here are the money winners, and our website has full results.

Division A
  1. 11.0-1.0 +1126 1545 1741 +196 Daniel Stock (A12) $420
  2. 8.5-3.5 +515 1823 1844 +21 Brian Bowman (A2) $195
  3. 8.0-4.0 -225 1629 1686 +57 Kelly McKenzie (A8) $120
Oddball prizes in Division A
High play: AMBIANCE for 158, Marty Gabriel, $10
Mystery letter (H): THREATEN for 95, Jeff Cook, $10
High loss: 439, George Viebranz, $10
High win: 543, George Viebranz, $10

Division B
  1. 11.0-1.0 +993 1476 1583 +107 Tyler Hannan (B2) $375
  2. 9.0-3.0 +421 1439 1499 +60 Jack Eichenbaum (B5) $180
  3. 9.0-3.0 +176 1447 1495 +48 Gary Perman (B4) $100
Oddball prizes in Division B
High play: SHAKIEST for 107, Robb Griffith, $10
Mystery letter (P): SENOPIA for 88, Bruce Shuman, $10
High loss: 431, Katya Lezin, $10
High win: 557, Karen Smith, $10

Division C
  1. 10.0-2.0 +761 1100 1191 +91 Justin Bailey (C4) $320
  2. 8.0-4.0 +445 1134 1159 +25 Susan Blanchard (C2) $165
  3. 8.0-4.0 +121 1085 1112 +27 Cecilia Huber (C7) $90
  4. 8.0-4.0 +69 1039 1078 +39 Joyce Stock (C10) $65
Oddball prizes in Division C
High play: REHOUSES for 158, Noah Lieberman, $10
Mystery letter (V): VISITOR for 97, Nandini Dickens, $10
High loss: 452, Aaron McGuffin, $10
High win: 535, Noah Lieberman, $10

Division D
  1. 9.0-3.0 +317 800 846 +46 Peggy Grant (D3) $245
  2. 8.0-4.0 +960 746 802 +56 Jason Luci (D7) $120
  3. 8.0-4.0 +455 721 804 +83 Robert Stanton (D8) $65
Oddball prizes in Division D
High play: JENNIES for 105, Joe Larson, $10
Mystery letter (V): DEPRIVES for 85, Zosima Gingerich, $10
High loss: 396, Joe Larson, $10
High win: 473, Joe Larson, $10

Thanks again to everyone who was a part of this, regardless of how large or small a part you played. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the Mountain State Open and at our 2010 event.

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - round 11

Posted by Brad Mills
Things are running smoothly here so I have time for a quick update. Dan Stock is leading Division A. If Stock loses to Jeff Cook and Brian Bowman beats top seed Marty Gabriel, Bowman could catch Stock in the last round. Tyler Hannan is facing Jack Eichenbaum in Division B and looking at a Gibson if he wins it. Divisions C and D are very close races - Justin Bailey is leading C and Jason Luci is leading D.

Looks like the Stock and Cook game just finished, so we will have answers very soon.

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - round 9

Posted by Brad Mills
Today is the final day of the tournament and the players are in round 9. We had a few morning announcements, a few show-of-hand votes on our future events, and the revelation of the winners of two of our side contests. Jack Eichenbaum won the Great Gas Giveaway prize of $32.99, which was computed by assuming a 15-gallon tank and this morning's price of $2.199 as reported at the Chevron station a few blocks from the hotel. Jack announced he doesn't even have a car, but since the plan all along was to give the cash equivalent of this prize anyway, it's all good.

Brian Bowman won the Speed Scrabble contest last night after 4 rounds of elimination brackets. Brian will become a NASPA member through December 31, 2010 and added $20 of his own money to get a vanity number (which I shan't reveal at this time).

One final note - Linda Hoggatt does not feel well this morning and has dropped out of the tournament, so there is now a bye in Division B. I've been told there could be a bye in Division C in the last round too, so it looks like the last day is going to be interesting, to say the least.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - round 8

Posted by Brad Mills
Official play will soon be wrapping up for the evening. Here are a few notable plays I've been asked to take note of over the last couple of rounds.

In Division A, Jeff Clark made SUNFLOWERS through OWE. I didn't catch the score. Given the board he was playing on at the time had bright yellow Protiles, not only was it a beautiful play in its own right, it was quite apropos.

In Division B, Dave Moersdorf made YAWP and PREHEATED for 78 points by laying down a single P on the triple word score square at A15. Katya Lezin was his victim, and she was as thrilled to see the play as Dave was to find it.

Speed Scrabble tonight starting at 8:00 with five minutes of play per side and one point per second penalties applied for overtime. Traditionally Marc Broering has won this contest, but since he's unfortunately not here this year, someone else is going to get a crack at it.

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - round 6

Posted by Brad Mills
Slight delay in the start of round 6 due to three games being recounted and the milling about of the next opponents patiently waiting for the recounts to conclude. During the lull, Jeff Clark pointed out to me the current high word for both Divisions A and B is the same word - ZOISITES. The score in Division A is 114, and the score for Division B is 104. Just for kicks, I checked the words for C and D as well - they are ZEALOTS for 100 and SCOLDER for 95, respectively.

Everyone is once again bent over boards, so it's time for me to check the candy table again - thanks to Tina Totten King for providing sweets for this event. And thanks to Dallas Johnson for providing interesting color and Internet coverage at his events, from whom I was inspired to provide same to you, dear reader.

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - round 4

Posted by Brad Mills
A correction to the previous posting - Jack Eichenbaum has turned in a score of over 500. Katya Lezin has not. The score slip received had the players' scores reversed and has been corrected after consulting with the players in question.

Round 4 is in progress and some of the result slips have been turned in already. A break for lunch will follow, then games 5 through 8 starting at 2:30 this afternoon.

From round 2, I saw FIStULAE and ROULETTED in the game between Pete Zeigler and Brian Bowman and patted myself on the back for knowing the blank was a T. Looks like I remembered something from high school Biology after all!

In Division D, Rob Stanton from Huntington, WV and Peggy Grant from Columbia, SC are tied for first place and duking it out to see who will emerge as the morning's leader. They're near the end of their game, and from what I saw, it looks like they're currently separated by only six points. It's going to be a close one, for sure. Meanwhile, in Division A, Dan Stock remains undefeated and is playing George Viebranz.

Good competition and good times - that's what this game is all about.

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - round 2

Posted by Brad Mills
Round 1 results are in and the players are hard at it in round 2. Three players - Margaret Yoder, Katya Lezin, and Steve Grob - have already posted scores over 500 and are strong contenders for high win. The tourney is young, however, so anything can happen at this point.

George Viebranz is chugging Mountain Dew as he plays Jeff Clark in division A, and caffeine is in abundance this morning with at least 16 caffeinated beverages at last count, including at least one green tea, one huge Starbucks cup, and one coffee mug with Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer on it.

Early bird results from last night are posted at our web site, and live coverage updated at least once per hour can be found at - pop in and see how things are going.