Friday, August 1, 2008

National Scrabble Championship, 2008

Posted by Tina
I thought and thought about whether to post on this blog or my personal blog about some of our regional Scrabble players who recently made the trip to Orlando to participate in the National Scrabble Championship. There were certainly more people from around this part of the country who played, but that I just don't know, so I decided to make the post on ScrabbleCrush. Nonetheless, the 662 people who competed in five straight days of Scrabble deserve a mention here.

Feeling up to it? There's a good chance several West Virginia players will travel to Dayton in August 2009 for the Players' Championship. Even if gas prices some day dip back below $3.00 (HEH...Heh...hehhhh....), carpooling will still be the way to go!


  1. Corrected some broken links. Get some sleep, woman.

  2. Awesome...the benefit of being in a group blog...with smart folk.


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