Saturday, September 6, 2008

Huntington results for September 6, 2008

Posted by Brad Mills
Six people came out to Java Joint for the Huntington Scrabble club meeting held on Saturday. Here are the results....

Brad Mills 3-0, +172
Rob Stanton 2-1, +177
Shelley Schiavone 2-1, -18
Leah Gingerich 1-2, +9
Tina Totten King 1-2, -57
Mark Gingerich 0-3, -283

Bingos played were:

Tina Totten King: OUTDOES (70), FOLIAGE (63), RADIONS* (68), SCARIEST (86)
Brad Mills: ENTAILS (64), RECODES (79), LINTERS (63)
Rob Stanton: TRAUMAS (86), MOONING (78)
Leah Gingerich: STATION (68), RAINING (71)
Shelley Schiavone: QUIVERS (100)

Shelley was quite pleased with her QUIVERS bingo, as you can probably see by the picture above. She wanted to make sure it got a mention here, so not only am I going to mention it, I'll include a picture of the board it was played on.

I missed a fantastic out play in my game against Leah. It was one of those "There's my play, hit the clock, damn, I missed a bingo" situations. The board and position is shown below. Leah held AGIINR?, so she had several choices to go out - all using an -ING hook onto RAN to make GRAN - and she found one with ease. I had a significant lead at the end, so while Leah's play gave her some spread points, I still got the win.

My rack was AABELTU, and I ended up making BEL at C13. Can you find the play I should have made instead?


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