Friday, November 28, 2008

Diamond Anniversary Scrabble commercial

Posted by Brad Mills
Here's a short video showing the Diamond Anniversary Edition Scrabble board in action. And here's the review posted here earlier for those who are interested or missed it.

(Edit: Video now must be started manually.)

This is such a nifty commercial. It's quirky and geeky, and it captures the spirit of the game perfectly. I actually saw this commercial on TV a couple of weeks ago, and it's the first time I've seen Scrabble advertised on TV since the late 80s when it was "America's good time game".

The only question I have is: Why didn't they play CRAZING for the bingo? I know RACING is an obvious connection to toys there, and the toy race cars get to zoom around, but they could have easily continued the sequence by having one of the toy figures dressed up in a straightjacket and chasing all the race cars, screaming, "The colors are all different!!! Why?!?!? Oh, the humanity!!!...."

Maybe it's a good thing I'm not in advertising.

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  1. Holy crap!! That would be an awesome commercial. They should use that version on The History Channel and such.


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