Sunday, September 13, 2009

And then there were three

Posted by Brad Mills
Congratulations to Lisa Green, who has joined Chris Ross in becoming an apprentice NASPA director at our club. Like Chris, Lisa has chosen me as her mentor and is now authorized to co-direct club and tournament activities under my supervision. When I feel she has learned enough, NASPA will be notified and Lisa will become a director in full.

Lisa has already successfully directed her first club session - our September 2 meeting at Los Agaves - and professionally and fairly handled an unusual pairing situation which occurred during that session. Kudos to her for a good job keeping us in line and keeping things moving.

One of the things about being a Scrabble club and tournament director is this: it's truly a labor of love. It's not a paid position, it's a lot of work, and all eyes are upon you for leadership and guidance. You've really got to give it your all to be successful at it. I'm happy to see our two new directors stepping up to the plate of their own accord despite these obstacles, and I'm glad I've been able to provide an example they think is worth emulating.

Stay tuned, folks, as our club continues to evolve and grow.

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  1. Hey, just wondering why you haven't added photos of your 7 bingos in 2 games from Saturday? It was awesome and you should share it!


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