Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Posted by Brad Mills
On Saturday, July 24, we again met our Pittsburgh friends in Clarksburg, WV for the second annual WVA vs. WPA smackdown event. We were each only able to muster five players per team, so we played six games. For the first five games, each team member played everyone from the other team exactly once. The sixth game was a king of the hill final.

Here are the results with cash prizes awarded to the top three finishers. Dollar amounts won follow players' seeds and team designations below. No class prizes were awarded this year due to increased NASPA participation fees, but we did award a prize for most average finish.

Enough with the prelude - here are the results! (You can also see these at the page for the event.)
  1. 6-0 +579 1129 1065 +64 M W Schroeder (#3/WPA): $100
  2. 4-2 +287 1147 1141 +6 Brad Mills (#2/WVA): $75
  3. 4-2 +148 1154 1160 -6 Jack Lysowski (#1/WPA): $45
  4. 3-3 +198 764 744 +20 Lisa Green (#9/WVA)
  5. 3-3 +71 927 932 -5 Ed Vith (#4/WPA)
  6. 3-3 -268 586 559 +27 Michelle Gaynord (#10/WPA)
  7. 2-4 -81 872 893 -21 Martha Mills (#6/WVA)
  8. 2-4 -82 891 914 -23 Joe Larson (#5/WPA)
  9. 2-4 -212 794 811 -17 Zosima Gingerich (#7/WVA)
  10. 1-5 -640 765 794 -29 Christopher Ross (#8/WVA)
Most average finish: Ed Vith, Quiddler

Western Pennsylvania won 18 games while West Virginia won only 12, so the director of the West Virginia team begrudgingly surrendered the event trophy with a flourish - and vowed revenge for 2011.

Though perhaps I should mention... on the ride home, there was a brief mention of maybe doing two of these events per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. Something for further discussion, perhaps.

My thanks to all the players who participated, and again, thanks to co-director Terry Schroeder for helping plan and coordinate the event.

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  1. Nice payouts for the top 3 finishers. Very cool! I always enjoy scrabble more when there's a little bit on the line!


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