Monday, May 26, 2008

"Basically, I'm complicated.. I have a hard time taking the easy way"

Posted by Raf
(That title doesn't really relate to anything in this blog, I just love the lyric...--from Gnarls Barkley's "Who Cares?")

But, I guess in regards to 'taking the easy way":
Apparently, I've slowly cultivated in my peers the perception that I'm 'consistent' with my scrabble scores--thus, making it easier to combat the large bingo scores others tend to get.

I know Chris had said quite a few times that I'm consistent, and now it seems that Tina and Lisa both think the same way.

I kind of hope they're right. It would mean I'm getting better! It's pretty exciting to get better in a given task. When that task is a hobby, like scrabble, it's also enjoyable!

Lately, I've been playing on a day-to-day basis (either on facebook's 'scrabulous', or during our club meetings. I wish i could play people face-to-face more often, that is my favorite thing about going to club. getting to hang with those new acquaintances. i want to be true friends with them, and hang out with them outside of that function. I hope it happens. I really enjoy it very much. I've enjoyed it from day one! That's so awesome for me.

As it is, I'm just glad that I've found a group to spend time with on weekends. It's nice to know that they are as interested (most are more interested) in scrabble as I am. I very much enjoy the competition, and the opportunity to learn new words. it's just a great deal of fun for me.

I like having the moniker of being consistent. if I can consistently compile scores of 20-33 points, I will be very happy. I don't know so many 'bingos', as my mind doesn't necessarily put characters together so quickly, which makes procuring bingos a more challenging thing.

Thus, I rely on tile placement and tile conservation. It's gotten me along well so far, and i hope that I can improve on my vowel usage and my recognition of 'the best possible play'. That will come as I know more words, though! The biggest thing, is figuring out whether I want to play a game defensively or be offensive-minded throughout, or being more aware of what my opponent's strategy is throughout a game. How they utilize the tiles they have.

But for now, I'm content in just knowing that my skill has improved. I played and lost to my good scrabble acquaintance Jeannette, and she mentioned that she is really proud of how much better I've become. She is the one person against whom I have most consistently lost. I've only beaten her twice in something like twelve matches. She is quite impressive, and I wish she didn't live in new england. It would be so awesome to play her in person.

I would like to read that scrabble book Chris read before he really started getting into scrabble again. I can't remember the name of it, but I'm certain that one of you guys might have it! I would love to borrow it soon, so I can go ahead and gain some knowledge.

Anyway, I'm very hopeful that we can have another impromptu scrabble meeting soon! It was really nice. I always miss the Tuesday Scrabble gatherings, and wish they were on Wednesdays, as wednesdays are much more manageable for me.

It would be cool if the scrabble club group could all gather together for the wine and jazz festival. i think that would be pretty awesome.

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  1. It was "Word Freak" by Stefan Fatsis. Oh, and I don't study lists of 7 letter words ... I just try to open myself to possible plays. I'm about to post about that ... I'll explain more there.


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