Saturday, May 3, 2008

Huntington Scrabble club - first meeting

Posted by Brad Mills
The first meeting of the fledgling Huntington Scrabble club was today at Java Joint from 1:00 to 4:00. Two members from the Charleston club - namely, myself and Tina - were in attendance to give our support and to gently guide things in the right direction.

Quite a few people showed up, and I attribute this to two things - Marshall University, and Aaron McGuffin and his power of persuasion. Overall, there were 8 to 10 people present playing Scrabble. Aaron has ordered the Directors Test and, upon successful completion, will become the club's director. If today's turnout was any indication, he's going to have a very active club in short order.

The meeting was disorganized, people came and went at their leisure, and no one tracked wins and losses to my knowledge. The five tournament players present (myself, Tina, Shelley, Aaron, and Steve Wilson) instructed the new people on proper turn protocol and timer operation. One of the newbies - who, Aaron warned me beforehand, was "ready" - handed me a three-point loss and managed his timer with great efficiency.

All in all, not too bad for the first meeting of an unofficial club. The next step in my mind over the short term is a little more organization - and more people from the Charleston club lending their support to the cause. Hopefully, we can get some visits from the Huntington folks as well.


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