Sunday, November 16, 2008

Huntington results for November 15, 2008

Posted by Brad Mills
This was Marshall's homecoming weekend, so traffic was wild when we arrived in Huntington - and the worsening weather didn't help matters on the trip home. Sandwiched in between were the camraderie of friends, the comforts of food and coffee, and the clacking of tiles on Scrabble boards.

There were six people at Java Joint on Saturday for the inaugural meeting of NSA Club 767, including one of our newest club players and the usual merry band of wordsmiths and onlookers. Aaron McGuffin directed the session and handled us with aplomb and grace, kept things rolling along, and kept careful track of win-loss records, scores, and notable plays. He's provided his own write-up of the stats and his perspective on how things went.

I blew an endgame against Rob for 12 points, but given the near-perfect letters he had on his last rack (including both blanks and an S), I think the game may have been his despite my best efforts. I believe Rob is severely underrated - an opinion shared by others - and we need to get him to a tournament in the near future. (And the rest of you should tag along!) I was also happy to hear Shelley will likely be joining us at our next meeting in Charleston and may be bringing Rob along. Shelley has been jonesing for some Scrabble action - prior to Saturday, she'd only played one game since we got back from Lexington.

This was fun for me, and I'm looking forward to seeing Club 767 evolve and grow. I observed a couple unaffiliated with any of us playing Scrabble while the meeting was going on, and I pointed them out to Aaron. He went over and introduced himself to them and gave them his contact information. This is how it all begins... and it looks like a promising beginning.


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