Saturday, May 2, 2009

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - round 4

Posted by Brad Mills
A correction to the previous posting - Jack Eichenbaum has turned in a score of over 500. Katya Lezin has not. The score slip received had the players' scores reversed and has been corrected after consulting with the players in question.

Round 4 is in progress and some of the result slips have been turned in already. A break for lunch will follow, then games 5 through 8 starting at 2:30 this afternoon.

From round 2, I saw FIStULAE and ROULETTED in the game between Pete Zeigler and Brian Bowman and patted myself on the back for knowing the blank was a T. Looks like I remembered something from high school Biology after all!

In Division D, Rob Stanton from Huntington, WV and Peggy Grant from Columbia, SC are tied for first place and duking it out to see who will emerge as the morning's leader. They're near the end of their game, and from what I saw, it looks like they're currently separated by only six points. It's going to be a close one, for sure. Meanwhile, in Division A, Dan Stock remains undefeated and is playing George Viebranz.

Good competition and good times - that's what this game is all about.


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