Saturday, May 2, 2009

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - round 6

Posted by Brad Mills
Slight delay in the start of round 6 due to three games being recounted and the milling about of the next opponents patiently waiting for the recounts to conclude. During the lull, Jeff Clark pointed out to me the current high word for both Divisions A and B is the same word - ZOISITES. The score in Division A is 114, and the score for Division B is 104. Just for kicks, I checked the words for C and D as well - they are ZEALOTS for 100 and SCOLDER for 95, respectively.

Everyone is once again bent over boards, so it's time for me to check the candy table again - thanks to Tina Totten King for providing sweets for this event. And thanks to Dallas Johnson for providing interesting color and Internet coverage at his events, from whom I was inspired to provide same to you, dear reader.


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