Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pirate Scrabble?

Posted by jedijawa
This weekend the crew of Club #620 journeyed up to Pittsburgh for the Three Rivers Revival Scrabble Tournament. It was very cool and my review of the weekend can be found on my blog linked here.

Between the first and second days I went over to Barnes and Noble for a bit and I always look through the games section (plus I'm watching out for the new Deluxe Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition). Anyway, they had a Pirates of the Caribbean edition of Scrabble out that just looks so wrong on so many levels. Yes, those are round tiles you see in the picture! What are your thoughts gang?

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  1. How do round tiles NOT roll off the racks??

    And more importantly, how many ARRRRRR tiles are included? Six just doesn't seem like enough.


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