Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We should all move...

Posted by Almost Famous England.

Lately my hand has been a total u magnet. In a game against Martha on Saturday, I had three u's on the same rack! If we all lived in England, we could play words like "colour" and "flavour" and this problem would go away...or would it? Do you think British Scrabble contains more than four u's in the bag? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. COLOUR and FLAVOUR are both acceptable in OWL2, and so are a lot of British spellings. So if you have one on your rack, go nuts.

    I'm pretty sure the tile distribution is the same for all flavours of English Scrabble. But I will agree that "U" is not nearly as important as it once was since QI came into the game.

  2. So, ya knowe, Canada uses the "extra" U, too. I'd like to move there.

  3. I had no IDEA those words were acceptable in OWL2!!

    "You'll get the full gander down the frog wif me." <-- my best British impression.


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