Sunday, June 1, 2008

Soak up the sun...

Posted by Almost Famous
My brilliant husband left our Scrabble board, the newer deluxe edition, in his car for about a week (I didn't know it was there!) and when we got it out to play today, the grid was wavy and warped from heat. In certain areas, the letters would not stay in place. GRRRRRRRR. Then on top of that, he won the game! What nerve.

We have weighted it down with books, but if that does not work, I told him he owes me a custom for Christmas if not earlier. This could be a win-win...well, except that I keep LOSING to him lately...


  1. I've been getting beaten by some of the folks that I play with recently too. Bummer isn't it? :-)

    Good luck on the board. Don't forget eBay. I got my Onyx board off of there for $10. It didn't come with racks or tiles but I took care of that through other websites.

  2. If it was the kind with the super-cheap papery grid that barely holds the tiles in place, you're probably better off without it.


    The Diamond Anniversary boards should be out any day - wish I had a more definite date. The Onyx board is very nice. Beyond that, I'd look for one of the Deluxe boards from the late 1970s to early 1990s. They rocked.

    Also, Tina has been prototyping grids for custom boards. It's still in the early stages as far as I know, but what I've seen looks rather promising.


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