Saturday, May 2, 2009

4th Annual WV Scrabble Tournament - round 8

Posted by Brad Mills
Official play will soon be wrapping up for the evening. Here are a few notable plays I've been asked to take note of over the last couple of rounds.

In Division A, Jeff Clark made SUNFLOWERS through OWE. I didn't catch the score. Given the board he was playing on at the time had bright yellow Protiles, not only was it a beautiful play in its own right, it was quite apropos.

In Division B, Dave Moersdorf made YAWP and PREHEATED for 78 points by laying down a single P on the triple word score square at A15. Katya Lezin was his victim, and she was as thrilled to see the play as Dave was to find it.

Speed Scrabble tonight starting at 8:00 with five minutes of play per side and one point per second penalties applied for overtime. Traditionally Marc Broering has won this contest, but since he's unfortunately not here this year, someone else is going to get a crack at it.


  1. Correction - Jeff Clark is the one who played SUNFLOWERs through OWE.


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