Wednesday, April 30, 2008

But why do you do it? What makes you tick?

Posted by Raf
You know, we get to chatting and discussing at club about various things; but I was wondering today, what's something that makes you tick. And what is it about that essence to your being that motivates you to play? Does that driving force pervade into other interests or passions?

For me, it's the competition; but it's also because I'm a goal setter. In school, work and play, I've always set goals.

Whether it was convincing my brother--a computer/sci-fi person--to play basketball or throw baseball with me when he would rather play legos or read books, or trying to make 20 baskets in a row before I stopped shooting hoops for the night..., I always had goals to set.

In college, it was to get better grades than my best friend (only happened on a couple of occasions). Now that I'm in the working world, it's trying to bring more business--quality business--to my Agent's office.

So, that goal-setting, competitive streak... that's what drives me. It's more of a personal achievement thing, than a "well, I'm better than you, laugh laugh, smug smirk, chuckle thing. (well, in the case of my brother, I do try to rub it in when I get one over him from time-to-time)

Oh, and what makes scrabble 'geek chic'? is it the potential for such wicked puns? or the opportunity to actually utilize words like qwerty, teiids, laari, and trailside--specifically for jedijawa--on a day-to-day basis?

Just curious!!

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  1. I'm not competitive at all. I play to see how well I can do - not necessarily how well I can do in relation to the other player. I get a thrill out of finding a bingo, or even an obscure word that's been hiding in the cobwebs of my brain.

    And as to what makes Scrabble 'chic'? I think that the age of teh internets has made it easier to find other people with similar interests. This game is popular these days because there are more smart people out there than one might think. Thank goodness for that!


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