Friday, April 11, 2008


Posted by Tina
This is our first entry to the West Virginia Scrabble blog. Our forum is for discussion of Scrabble and Scrabble-related things...including the technical aspects of the game, strategy, and the social aspects (fun!) we have during meetings, tournaments, and just plain 'ole getting together for a game. The link to the meeting and tournament schedules will be posted soon....and until then, check That site is maintained by our fearless leader, Brad Mills. Brad bleeds red, pink, dark blue, and light blue and he devotes almost all of his free time to advancing the game of Scrabble in West Virginia and anywhere else! Hopefully, Brad will be posting here, too.

My name is Tina Totten King and I am just now considering myself less of a newcomer to the Scrabble world. I've stepped up my competitive-play schedule as much as possible but, win-or-lose, any day with Scrabble for me is better than a day without!!!

One of my co-authors, Deadpan Alley, is one heck of a competitive Scrabble player and will sneak up on you with her quiet, calm style of play. I can't wait to get her perspective on the subject. If she wants, she can identify herself online.

So...feel free to comment, remembering that the subject is Scrabble and that we treat each other with complete respect round hya.


  1. Just a note to say 'Thanks Tina' for setting up this blog! My inbox was inundated this morning with news from you all, a welcome change from all the boring work related stuff I usually get! Hope to see you soon at the club!

  2. Excellent! Glad we can add some Scrabble fun to your day!


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