Friday, April 11, 2008

IN-troducing...the other two contributors!!!!

Posted by Tina
So we've got our other two contributors on board now. I want to take a minute to "introduce" them -- even though straight-up identifying someone as the author of a blog is sometimes a no-no. I won't do that, though.

Almost Famous is a relative newbie at competitive Scrabble but she's tearing it UP!!! By day, she's an arts and sciences educator and, by night, a singer. She's young and energetic and just as sweet as she can be. At Scrabble, she seems like a very intuitive player and sometimes she just makes it look effortless!! What does she do in her other spare time? According to her blog, she likes to take pictures of her cats' tattoos while she sings to them...and tells them jokes to make them LOL.

Jedi Jawa is a public interest attorney here in Charleston who also loves to blog about life in general. He's been playing Scrabble for quite a while but just played his first tournament recently. How did I do against him? He kicked me around like an ugly puppy. ;-) He's not going to like that statement but -- I KID, I kid. JediJawa claims that he felt bad about beating me with all those phonies because I'm did he put it?...cute and sweet and nice and smart and just all-around awesome...or something like that. Nonetheless, he straight-up, legit beat me and, if I want to hold my own with him, I better get to studying. Did I mention he dressed like a Mormon to throw us all off at the tournament?

You know what? Here's the rest of us, too...

Like I've already said, Brad dedicates most, if not all, of his free time to the development of West Virginia's number one Scrabble club. His efforts have resulted in a tournament that had twice the attendance this year as last. When he's not playing Scrabble, thinking about Scrabble, or memorizing low-probability bingo stems, he's doing computer stuff. That's the job description I apply to all persons who work in the computer/IT biz...because I don't understand the inner workings of computers or how to get them to do what I want anymore. Obviously, I do have the Intrawebz at home.

Deadpan Alley is the quiet strength of our club. When she nonchalantly lays down those seven tiles, and keeps counting up that score higher and higher until you're like, "OH, MY GOD, WOMAN...STOP!!" she maintains her perfected look of serenity and modesty. I wonder if she's laughing her arse off on the inside. When SHE'S not playing Scrabble, she's working as a paralegal, taking care of her kids, and saying funny things.

And, as for me, I work, I have about a dozen kids (they move fast so it's hard to keep count) and I overuse parentheses (a lot). In my spare time, I enjoy Scrabble, my book club, photography, fireworks, and roller coasters!! I'm not only obsessed with Scrabble, but with meeting up with other I'm managing to squeeze in several tournaments this year. I hope to blog about moving up, up, up the Scrabble rating system. If not, I just love to play.

So help us spread the word about this fun, family game and Scrabble clubs in general. Even if someone isn't close enough to join us at our club, there's probably one near them. Scrabble on!!

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  1. I think that we're probably past anonymity here since we're talking about our club with scores, rankings, and other stuff posted across a dozen websites. I don't put my name on my own blog but that's more a throwback to when I worked for a public office with an elected official for a boss (hence I was very secretive). My new boss says he doesn't care what I blog about (woo hoo)!

    So I, jedijawa, am Chris. I'm a competitive Scrabble player. It's been 3 days since my last game. I try to take it one day at a time. :-)


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