Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The thrill of victory...the....the....

Posted by Almost Famous
I am trying to "train" my husband to play competitively. Lately he has been practicing online, and he has recently learned all his 2's. He gets home a couple of hours before me most days, and lots of times he is playing online when I get home.

Today we broke out the board for a little game. We don't own a timer, but I am trying to get him to play faster. (Sometimes he is unreeeeasonably slow, but it is getting better.)

For the first few plays we were pretty close, and then he just took off! He drew a blank, the Q, the Z, and three S's in the first half of our game. Later he would also draw the X.

I did have one bingo ("strudel") to his no bingos, and in my defense I was drawing "Old MacDonald," but he still beat me. OUCH! 298-267. I must say this is a first in at least a year. Hopefully I can get him to come back to club soon.


  1. If you brought him to club do you think he'd root for you or against you? ;-)

  2. Maybe it's not such a good idea to get my husband to play Scrabble. I keep telling him he'd probably be better at it than me but...did I really believe it? The only thing I've got going for me is that I'm more OCD. OCD. OCD. OCD.

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