Wednesday, April 16, 2008

favorite Scrabble t-shirts...

Posted by jedijawa
One of the things that I enjoy about Scrabble is the built-in geekdom of the whole thing. Yes, we realize our inner geeks, we revel in geekdom, we are not shy about being word nerds. I've been to several Sci-Fi conventions and I have to say that the display of Scrabble geekery at my recent first tournament was amazingly similar to that which is often on display at a good sci-fi convention (pssst ... that's a good thing).

We are Scrabble nuts and we are not shy about it. I documented several cool t-shirts, bumper stickers, and license plates that I saw around the tournament the first day when I had a bye. I've gone around the web since then looking for other interesting t-shirts with the thought of possibly buying one for myself to further express my inner Scrabble uber-nerd. Our fearless club director has talked about getting a tattoo but that's just too much for this Scrabble fanatic. I'm gonna go with something that I can take off at the end of the day. The question is ... which one? Most of these designs can be found on cafepress under Scrabble (click any image to make it somewhat larger).

These two seemed appropriate for me ... too bad they don't have one that says JINXY* or KWYJIBO*.

These two seemed very literary and were funny in their own ways.

Then you have the shirts that play off of actual game elements like the starting square of the much sought after triple word score space.

These two were very artsy and highbrow which really drew me to them. I really liked the top one, "The Last Word", except that the t-shirt that had that design had it printed on both the front and the back which seems a bit like overkill. Then there were the low brow entries.

What better shirts than these to have your opponent stare at during your competitive Scrabble game? Well, those are the best shirts that I could find. What do you guys think of them? Do you have any others? If so include the links to them in the comments and I'll try to update this post with the new pictures.

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  1. Those are great!! Some others I like are here, here, and here.

  2. Love that 10-point tile. I know someone with a double-struck "O" tile - the net effect of which is an 11-point tile with the infinity symbol on it.

    That talk about getting a tattoo is becoming less like talk and more like action, by the way... I went to the tattoo shop I decided on yesterday, and the artist and I talked about and tweaked the design. Hopefully, it will happen one day next week depending on scheduling. I'll send out an email with the appointment info in case anyone wants to be a spectator or document all the bloody (heh) details.

  3. HA. I can't wait to see it. Then I can lecture you on the use of Bacitracin and sunscreen. I have seen too many poorly cared for tattoos lately...ewwwwww.

    I'm probably getting my third one this summer, then I may stop. Who knows.

  4. Those are some good ones deadpan!

    Take pictures for the blog Brad!

  5. Brad, I have to say that your Scrabble tattoo reminds me of when the Chicago public radio station offered temporary "public radio" themed tattoos during a fundraiser. They talked about them on my favorite show "This American Life" and they were hilarious in their geekery.

  6. I really want the "Stop Looking at My Rack" shirt.


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